East Texas Bourbon Society Barrel Picks

East Texas Bourbon Society barrel picks are hand selected by a group of board members for the benefit of the group.  Barrel picks are released to member's only.  Unsold bottles may be released to non-members at a higher price.  


Future pick announcements will be made via the member's only Facebook group and the mailing list from this website.  

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PICK #3 - MAY 2021



From the Balcones distillery out of Waco, this Texas single malt whiskey was aged for 4 years in new American oak barrels and comes in at a smoking 128.6 proof!

This was a collaborative pick with Heritage Wine & Spirits out of Longview.  

Spoiler alert!  There's a loooong finish! 


PICK #2 - JANUARY 2021


Axe and The Oak Barrel #6   7 yr

In 2013, Axe and The Oak set out to make a delicious bourbon. Eight years later as we purchased their oldest barrel ever released, we can confirm that they have accomplished their goal. 


Our latest release, coming in at 108 proof, has been a fan favorite as we celebrate the new year. While drinking this Fight Club themed bottle, remember, the first rule of 2021 is don't talk about 2020!


PICK #1 


For our first ever barrel pick we wanted to select a barrel to honor the installation of our third East Texas Bourbon Society Chapter, E.T.B.S. Nacogdoches. Believe us when we tell you the stars could not have aligned any more perfect than how they came together on this barrel pick! 


Bottle Specs : TahWahKaro Barrel #2 (Yes the second barrel ever.) - 65% Corn, 11% Wheat, 11% Rye, 6% Rye Malt, 6% Malted Barley, 1% Cara-Amber Barley. This is their first Straight Texas Bourbon Whiskey to be sold, and we highly doubt barrel one will ever be sold! We bottled these beauties at 124 proof with a light non-chill filtration. 

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