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Join us in Longview, Tyler, and Nacogdoches as we embark on a never ending journey to further our knowledge of Bourbon.

To fully appreciate this brown water that is so intertwined in the fabric of American History, we must also educate ourselves on spirits from around the world and see how they have influenced our American culture and distilleries. 

Our members have used their thirst for knowledge and passion for distilled spirits to help raise over $1,000,000 since 2013 for various East Texas non-profits. 


If you would like to learn about the history, processes, and flavor profiles of spirits from around the world while helping others please sign up below!

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We meet the 3rd Tuesday in Longview,  4th Tuesday in Tyler, and the 4th Thursday in Nacogdoches!

We are group of bourbon enthusiasts committed to learning the story behind the brown water. 

As a member of the ETBS we visit distilleries to learn about their products first hand.

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